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This is a short story-driven role playing  game, You could finish this game around 10-15 minutes. This game is made for my college final year project. The story is talking about an introvert and give people a really brief idea of how is a introvert act. 


It just a simple platforming and rock paper scissor game.

How to play

Download the zip file and open exe file.

Message from creator

This game is made for the final year college project. So the game may seem unfinished. This game is a prototype like a prologue) for the sequel to see if people love to play this style of game.  I am planning to make a sequel of this game with the asset and coding of this game and salvage it.  If you want to see the sequel of this game with more detail story and more fun battle and game play system. Please consider to  follow my social media for getting the update of the sequel of this game. If you do, you will give me motivation and let me know someone want to play this game. Plus, I will focus more on this game project.

Media Platform

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/gctheyoung/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/gctheyoung


Impasse Inversion.zip 61 MB

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